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Lecture 9. Analysis of the metrological provision (MP) companies providing stage ..  Просмотрен 462

Analysis of the metrological provision (MP) companies providing stage of the life cycle of the product. Analysis of Defense at the stage of technological preparation of production and its release

The metrological providing (MP) is understood as establishment and application of the scientific and organizational bases, technical means, rules and norms necessary for achievement of unity and the demanded accuracy measurement. The main tendency in development of metrological providing is transition from the existing earlier rather narrow problem of ensuring unity and the demanded accuracy of measurements to essentially new problem of ensuring quality of measurements.

Quality of measurements concept wider, than accuracy of measurements. It characterizes set of the SI properties providing in due time results of measurements with demanded by the accuracy (the size of the allowed errors), reliability, correctness, convergence and reproducibility.

The concept "metrological providing" is applied, as a rule, in relation to measurements (test, control) in general. At the same time allow use of the term "metrological ensuring technological process (production, organization)", meaning at this MO of measurements (tests or control) in this process, production, the organization.

Object of metrological providing are all stages of the life cycle (LC) of a product (production) or service. ZhTs is understood as set of the consecutive interconnected processes of creation and change of a condition of production from a formulation of initial requirements to it before the end of operation or consumption.

So, at a stage of development of production the choice of controlled parameters, norms of accuracy, admissions, gages, control and test is made for quality achievement of a product. Also metrological examination of design and technological documentation is carried out.

When developing metrological providing it is necessary to use system approach which essence consists in consideration of the specified providing as sets of the interconnected processes united by one purpose achievement of the demanded quality of measurements.

Such processes are:
• establishment of the rational nomenclature of the measured parameters and optimum norms of accuracy of measurements at quality control of production and management of processes;
• feasibility study and choice of SI, tests and control and establishment of their rational nomenclature;
• standardization, unification and an aggregation of the used control and measuring equipment;
• development, introduction and certification of modern techniques of performance of measurement, tests and control (MVI);
• checking, metrological certification and calibration of the control and measuring and test equipment (KIO) applied at the enterprise;
• control of production, a state, application and repair of KIO, and also of observance of metrological rules and norms at the enterprise;
• participation in development and deployment of standards of the enterprise;
• introduction of the international, state and industry standards, and also other normative documents of Gosstandart;
• carrying out metrological examination of drafts of standard, design and technological documentation;
• carrying out the analysis of a condition of measurements, development on its basis and implementation of actions for improvement of MO;
• training of employees of the relevant services and divisions of the enterprise for performance of control and measuring operations.

Metrological providing has four bases: scientific, organizational, standard and technical. Separate aspects of MO are considered in the recommendation of MI 2500-98 about metrological providing small enterprises. Development and carrying out actions of MO it is assigned to the metrological services (MS). Metrological service - the service created according to the legislation for performance of work on ensuring unity of measurements and implementation of metrological control and supervision

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