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Organization of works on checking and calibration of s:redstvo measurement.  Просмотрен 256

For the majority of measuring instruments so-called parametrical refusals, i.e. breakages at which the device functions are characteristic, issues information, but this information has the error going beyond the allowed limits. Therefore there is a need regularly to check all measuring instruments

The most correct is checking of the device directly by the operator Who uses this measuring instrument. Concerning difficult measuring instruments specialists of metrological service who especially for such work are trained have to make such checking.

The listed main works which are carried out by metrological service of the enterprises, the organizations and establishments are carried out together with other technical services. At a stage of transition to the market relations underestimation of a role of metrological service in the main production is very dangerous. this service does not give out concrete production, but without measurements it is impossible to let out this production. However on some productions there was a tendency to reduction of metrological service that can create great difficulties when requirements to quality of production are not simply declared, and to define success of production on production sales market.


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