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Carrying out the analysis of a state with measurement.  Просмотрен 311

The constant analysis is a main type of the works relating to metrological providing as the manufacturer has to know always, with what reliability values of parameters of the made nanometers of products come to light. Work this multidimensional, the purpose uniform - to provide the necessary accuracy and productivity of measurements, and types of works are various.

In the course of the analysis it is necessary to be convinced that all normalized indicators of accuracy can be measured by the means which are available at this enterprise. It is necessary to pay attention that at the enterprise there has to be a possibility of measurement, but ensuring measurement of the normalized accuracy indicators actually is optional. The majority of requirements to the accuracy of the made details can be fulfilled at technological support, i.e. if the accuracy of technological process has a stock in comparison with the normalized accuracy. If such stock in any parameter is, there is no need to measure all made details in this parameter. But opportunity to measure these parameters at production all the same has to be as there can be a need for these measurements.

In the analysis it is necessary to pay attention to sufficiency and need of the measured parameters. Still it is possible to meet the facts when requirements considerably duplicating each other are imposed and are even worse - the strict requirements which are not characterizing operational properties of object of measurements.

Production sites where the considerable volume of measuring operations where measurements influence productivity of production or are labor-consuming have to be exposed to the analysis. In all cases it is necessary to reveal possibility of automation of process of measurements, including measurements in processing.

The most important analysis stage of level of metrological providing is the assessment of errors of measurements.

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