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The technical basis of metrological support  Просмотрен 386

One of the main forms of government metrological providing at the level of the ministries, departments, the enterprises and the organizations of the country is the regulation of provisions, the principles, rules and norms, full and which high-quality implementation provides compliance of real accuracy of the measuring information demanded. Thus provisions, the principles, the rules, norms defining organizational and methodical bases of the solution of problems of ensuring unity of measurements carry rather general (a little depending on specifics of branches of a national economy, objects of measurements) character and are regulated at the interindustry level by state standards of GSI.

Requirements of fundamental standards are concretized in industry normative and technical documents GSI by selection (choice) of the most rational for this branch, the enterprise, the organization of a complex of requirements.

The organizational and methodical principles of the decision of additional group of problems of metrological providing significantly depend on object, on a class of the solved scientific and technical, production or social tasks, on their departmental (branch) orientation, ways of realization of results of their decision. Thereof, the requirements to the organization and working procedures directed on
the decision of this group of problems of metrological Providing, have to be regulated by industry normative documents (industry standards, standards of the enterprises, etc.); reflecting specifics of activity and objects of production of branch, enterprise or organization.

At this level as practice showed, have to be the main objects of standardization:

metrological ensuring production. This standard has to regulate the purpose, tasks and the content of works on metrological providing, their distribution on divisions and services, questions of planning, the organization and control of works on "to metrological providing taking into account the main directions of a deyatelnostzhotrasla or the enterprise (organization), specifics of object of production;

organization and order of carrying out metrological examination of drafts of industry standards or standards of the enterprise, specifications, design and technological documentation. This standard has to regulate the nomenclature of the documents which are subject to metrological examination, the content of examination of each document, the organization of works on metrological examination and registration of its results, the list of the state and industry standards which should be guided when carrying out examination;

development, production and metrological certification of non-standard measuring instruments. This standard has to regulate sequence, the contents, the organization and rules of registration of all development stages, production and certification of the non-standard measuring instruments applied by the enterprise;

standard techniques of performance of measurements.

The complex of normative and technical documents on metrological ensuring production can be developed as independent or as a component of a complex of standards of system of technological preparation of production or a control system of quality of production.


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