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Kashmir Saivism : The Central Philosophy of Tantrism/Kamalakar Mishra.
1999, xix, 473 p., ISBN 81-7030-632-9.



1. Introduction.
2. Epistemology.
3. Absolute consciousness (Siva-Sakti):

I. Siva.
II. Sakti.

4. The process of creation.
5. The theory of appearance (Abhasavada).
6. The problem of evil.
7. The concept of pratyabhijna ("Self-recognition").
8. Bondage and liberation.
9. The means of Moksa.
10. The left-handed doctrine (Kaula Sadhana) and sex sublimation.
11. Conclusion.

Selected bibliography.

From the preface:"The present work, Kashmir Saivism: The Central Philosophy of Tantrism,however, is meant to be a full exposition of the Tantric systemn, covering all areas of Tantric philosophy. As such, it contains many topics not previously discussed and can be viewed as an elaboration of the earlier work.

"Although the contribution of Tantra to Indian philosophy and culture is of immense significance, little work has been done in this field. Moreover, the Tantras, or Agamas, have something significant and relevant to say to modern humanity. With its positive attitude towards the world and its variety of yogic sadhanas for self-improvement in all respects, Tantra carries a promise of help to people in their present predicament. This makes exposition and elucidation of Tantric insight worthwhile.

"The mystic language of the Tantras and the rich symbolism found therein present difficulties in the exposition of Tantric thought. Abhinavagupta, the principal philosopher of Kashmir Saivism, overcame these difficulties to make a systematic and rational presentation of Tantric wisdom in his famous work, the Tantraloka. This present book is an attempt to understand the Tantric position mainly in light of the Tantraloka."

[Kamalakar Mishra, is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, India. He is the author of The Significance of the Tantric Tradition.]



1. Kashmir Saivism : the central philosophy of tantrism by Kamalakar Mishra.
Publisher: Cambridge, Mass. : Rudra Press, ©1993.

2. Significance of the tantric tradition by Kamalakar Mishra.
Publisher: Varanasi, India : Arddhanarisvara Publications, 1981.



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