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Exercise 3.. Work in groups of three or four to discuss in what ways the system of ..  Просмотрен 658

Work in groups of three or four to discuss in what ways the system of higher education in Great Britain is similar to, or different from that in our country? Use the headings below and the expressions from the Useful language box to help you.

- the admission to the universities

- the academic year

- the main teaching and assessment methods

- the degrees provided by the universities

- facilities and opportunities offered by the universities


If I remember right higher education in Belarus is provided by…including… As far as I know in Britain higher education is mostly provided by…
I know that in Belarus universities admit students after… If I am not mistaken the admission to universities in Great Britain is by…
I know exactly that the academic year in Belarus starts in… and is divided into… Unlike Belarus the academic year in Britain is divided into…
I think that the main teaching methods in Belarusian universities are… . And the students are assessed at the end of each term through… . It seems to me that British universities also use such teaching and assessment methods as… Moreover the most important teaching method of Oxford and Cambridge is… .
Students in Belarus graduate after … years with… But in Great Britain most courses last …
I am sure that all universities in Belarus offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees such as… . It seems to me that the majority of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the UK are offered as … .
As far as I know Belarusian universities support students providing them with… And British universities offer their students a great variety of…


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