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Exercise 8. Complete the statements by choosing the answer which you think fits be..  Просмотрен 407

Complete the statements by choosing the answer which you think fits best.

1. Mother never buys goods displayed on the racks with the notice "... offer".

A. specific B. special C. particular

2. The customers are asked to load their purchases on to the conveyor ....

A. strap B. line C. belt

3. It is a lot more convenient to push a ... than to carry a wire basket in a supermarket.

A. trolley B. roller C. van

4. While shopping my brother always tries to go through a ... till, as he hates queues.

A. swift B. fast C. quick

5. Housewives prefer to buy ... packets of stuff, as it is a little bit cheaper.

A. gross-size B. family-size C. block-size

6. Sometimes the queues at... points are so long that the idea of leaving the supermarket without buying anything may look attractive.

A. check-out B. check-in C. check-up

7. Customers are not allowed to put things in their own bags in supermarkets; they are suposed to use ....

A. iron baskets B. shop baskets C. wire baskets

8. A lot of people prefer to ... a cheque than to pay in cash.

A. write out B. write in C. write up

9. Salesgirls usually put all goods bought in a supermarket into ... for the customers' convenience.

A. trade bags B. carrier bags C. supermarket bags

10. 'Here's your ... from a ten-pound note', said the cashier giving me three pounds.

A. exchange B. change C. bill

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