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1. Hearing them talk about bathingmade me want to bath too.

2. At this moment, the room bore every mark of having been recently and hurriedly ransacked.

3. For some months there had been in our front only a small brigade of undisciplined troops, apparently without a commander, who were useful to us, for not disturbingthem we could create an impression of our weakness.

4. Having a wifewho let people know exactly what she thought was not always comfortable for him.

5. He encouraged, he almost compelled her to preserve her childishness. Keeping her a babyin spite of her age amused her. (A. Huxley)

6. Satisfying the sweet toothof weight-conscious Americans hasn't been easy for the food industry. ("Nsw.")

7. Riding in Hyde parkhas been in decline since the war, and there are now only two riding stables left serving the park. ("G.")

8. It was no explanation of the old woman's having eluded us to saythat she lived abroad, for our research had again and again taken us (not only by correspondence but by personal inquiry) to France, to Germany, to Italy. (H.James)

9. Going to concertswas about the only thing he thoroughly enjoyed.

10. You have no one, but yourself to blame for not having asked formore detailed information.

11. Perhaps he simply couldn't bear not being the centreof attention.

12. And there was one thing Reilly could not stand, he could not stand being embarrassed.And he could not stand being made a fool of.

13. He had the sense — as he had at their first meeting — of never being ableto recognize her or forgettingwhat she looked like when she was out of sight.

14. In seeing to whetherFleur was asleep he might wake her up.

15. On being carefully inspectedthe coat showed evident signs of having been worn onthe preceding night.

16. Parents who want the very best for their children usually expect the best from them. By knowing what to expect, but not expecting more

than the possible, parents can help their children.

17. He, after bowing, smiling, frowning, shaking his handin an amazingly rapid succession, walked away to eat a whole plateful of sandwiches, wash them down with beer and talk to five people at once with his mouth full.

18. These circumstances taken together prevented his seeing the matterin its proper light.

19. "Are you hinting that Joe had secret life?" said Donalson. "No. But I am hinting that he could have had a secret life without any of us knowing about it."

20. All the evidence of past words and deeds is against such an agreement being possible.

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