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1. Six months after he spent six hours talking to Saddam Hussein in Baghdad and gained the release of 250 American hostages, Jesse Jackson has still not been interviewed by any major US television network.

2. An idealist defending his system by the fact that when we sleep we often believe ourselves awake, was well answered by his plain neighbour, "Ay, but when awake do we ever believed ourselves asleep?"

3. Finally watches were consulted, tunics buttoned, hats donned. (E.E. Cumтings)

4. He was accustomed to being showered with praise and affection by significant figures from his mother to his boss at the Navy Department. (T.Morgan)

5. During these days she suffered from mental starvation, until she was rescued by a family friend, Bernard Berenson, who arranged for her to be tutored in Greek and Latin by a classical scholar. To be taught so, in the country where earth is saturated with classical myth and poetry, gave her what she most needed. ("S.R.")

6. On our arrival to Elevston, she readily adopted my suggestion that we should walk together; so as soon as our luggage had been duly taken charge of— hers by the servant who met her at the station, and mine by one of the porters — we set out together along the familiar lanes. (L. Carroll)

7. In New York, Dorothy Donohue, the widow of a murdered policeman, finds it incredible that the killer may be spared the electric chair. ("Nsw.")

8. And then Waldemar is coaxed and dragged out of bed, yelling and fighting. (Ch. Isherwood)

9. If nothing is done, the problem will acquire the momentum it has in the United States, where senior executives are paid so much more than workers that fundamental questions of equity and even decency are being widely discussed. ("G.")

10. The care of dangerous mentally ill patients should be taken away from prison officers and given to nurses, an inquiry is expected to say today. ("G.")

11. Physically Mr. Clinton is an imposing man.

But he was dwarfed by the huge black chair he sat in. ("Ind.")

12. In fact, being with them here tonight was really an adventure, and somehow quite a wonderful adventure. But being an English adventure it was liable to be rained upon; and at this very moment down the rain came.

13. He was pitchforked into the post of Minister of Health.

14. "Ready?" said the old gentleman inquiringly, when his guests had been washed, mended, brushed and brandied.

15. "I think you had better be going back," he said. "It's rather late. They

may be missing you." Maud laughed happily. "I don't mind now what they do. But I suppose dinners must be dressed for, whatever happens."

16. "The weather report promises heavy snow moving in from the west," he said. It will be here by evening, so I'm going to New York today. By tomorrow we may be snowed in.

17. What's wrong with the way American students are taught foreign languages? Just about everything, says a report from the American Council of Education.

18. Ten years ago, government statisticians calculated that one in five children would be affected by the divorce of their parents by the age of 16. Yesterday they changed that estimate to one child in four.

19. When she came into the room it was empty and the bed had not been slept in.

20. He was elegant, bowler-hatted and umbrellaed.

21. But I have been trained not to let a man die, if I can help it.

22. The low square stone house was set upon rocks well above the narrow beach that was outlined with bent pines.

23. By 5 p.m. the line of clouds extended from near Mineral Wells to Jemple, and was being watched by radar units at three offices of the National Weather Service.

24. But then Cambridge was interrupted by three years in a Royal Navy.

25. All through the nineteenth century, America, Africa, India, Australia and parts of Europe were being developed largely by British capital, and British shareholders were thus being enriched by the world's movement towards industrialization.

26. No young people were of any importance. Young people's opinions were not consulted and weren't expected to be given either without being asked for.

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