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• a driver’s license

• an insurance policy

• mortgage payment on a home


Past Simple Passive Past Perfect Passive Past Perfect Active
Every citizen was exposed ...; They were listed if ...; Their names were stored in computers if they were covered by a medical plan ... if they had been married or divorced The giant computers had spent their lives sucking up information ...; ... if they had paid taxes or drawn unemployment insurance...; had made mortgage payment; if they had been in a hospital, or in the military service; had applied for a passport


  Equivalence Contrast Consequence Explanation Guessed meaning
The console board       he would sit before ... and play the machine flat surface containing the controls for a computer
Sucking up     storing it, analyzing it, remembering   getting
Spewing out whispering their secrets to him sucking up, storing it     causing to come out
Delusion a myth     
Exposed his deepest secrets laid bare       uncovered, unprotected
Rapport       They did not laugh at Max; they respected his intelligence, admired him, loved him. understanding
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