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Question 12 K2. Which of the following statements are TRUE? Regression testing and ..  Просмотрен 315

Which of the following statements are TRUE?

  1. Regression testing and re-testing are the same.
  2. Regression tests show if all failures have been resolved.
  3. Regression tests are good candidates for test automation.
  4. Regression tests are performed to uncover defects as a result of changes in the program.
  5. Regression tests should not be performed during integration testing.

Answer Set:

A A and B are true
B A, C and E are true
C C and D are true
D B, D, and E are true

Sentence A is incorrect – Regression testing is the repeated testing of an already tested program, after modification, to discover any defects introduced or uncovered as a result of the change(s). Re-test is done to confirm that a defect has been successfully removed. (Section 2.3.4).
Sentence B is incorrect – The sentence describes “Re-test”.
Sentence C is correct - Regression test suites are run many times and generally evolve slowly, so regression testing is a strong candidate for automation. (Section 2.3.4)
Sentence D is correct – This is the definition of regression tests. See Section 2.3.4.
Sentence E is incorrect – “Regression testing may be performed at all test levels, and includes functional, non-functional and structural testing.” (Section 2.3.4)

  1. WRONG
  2. WRONG
  4. WRONG


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