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Justification. Justification WRONG – Exhaustive test is impossible, regardless ..  Просмотрен 365


  1. WRONG – Exhaustive test is impossible, regardless of it being manual or automated.
  2. WRONG – Exhaustive testing is impossible, regardless of the amount of effort put into testing (Principle # 2)
  3. CORRECT – Principle #2 states: “Testing everything (all combinations of inputs and preconditions) is not feasible except for trivial cases”
  4. WRONG – This statement is contradicting Principle #1: Testing shows presence of defects: Testing can show that defects are present, but cannot prove that there are no defects.


Question 2 K1

Which of the following statements is the MOST valid goal for a test team?

Answer Set:

A To determine whether enough component tests were executed within system testing.
B To detect as many failures as possible so that defects can be identified and corrected.
C To prove that all defects are identified.
D To prove that any remaining defect will not cause any failures.


  1. WRONG – Component testing is not part of System testing.
  2. CORRECT – This is the main role of a test team.
  3. WRONG – Principle #1 states that exhaustive testing is impossible, so one can never prove that all defects were identified.
  4. WRONG – To make an assessment whether a defect will cause a failure or not, one has to detect the defect first. Saying that no remaining defect will cause a failure, implicitly means that all defects were found. This contradicts Principle #1.


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